Hi star curves. I really really love your pills. I cannot believe the growth Ive got on my butt. I didn't really even know I had some growth until I pulled out the tape measure. Thank you all so much. You will hear from me again soon. Liz

I just want to let you all know that I've been off of the pills for about 8 months and I can't believe my body is still at my desired size. I'm  very fortunate that I only had to use one month supply to get to the size that I wanted and I got that size looks like permanently. Thank you guys so much. I have recommended these pills to all of my friends and now they are ready to jump on the bandwagon. Casey

Hi I never used your pills, but I have a friend that does and she recommended me to you guys. I love her results and am quite shocked that they really do work. I am 18. Will I get the same results for my age?? Vinni

How long have you all been in business and why have'nt I heard about you over the years. I love my results and wish that I knew about you all while I was in my 20s.   Angela.

I wish I can just come to pick these pills up, they are amazing. I saw results within a 2 months and love it. I hope they are really permanent like you say. I do not want to lose this. I got heads turning left and right.  Jennifer  

I get so much attention with a nice shape. It looks so natural too. Unlike paying a fortune for the injections. Im glad I ran up on your pills because I was about to pay for the injections. It makes no since to pay that much when I can take the pills and have a nice shape permanently. Thanks a millions   Irish  

Last week I was around 30 inches in the hips and now I am 36 inches. I can definitely say that I am seeing some great results so far. I can't believe this.   Margie

Hi star curves. I want to thank you guys so much for this wonderful pill. I have suffered from low self esteem all my life and teenage years due to not having a nice round shape, but now I have that thanks to your pills. I am happy to say that I am a 36/24/38. Thanks again!!! Whitley.  

Within a month I would say I saw some changes in by butt hips and oh boy stomach:) I didn't really notice it in the mirror until I measured it with a tape measure. Really thankful they work inspite of my doubts. Will definately be ordering another month supply Laurin.

I just want to let you all know I feel and look thicker in the right places so far. Will continue using the pill until I reach my desired size. Thanks alot. Neicy

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You know before I was pregnant and had my baby I had a banging body, but after the birth of my baby girl I lost all of that and its like it just dropped and went I don't know where, but thanks to your pill that I have my body back as well as my daughter. Its like the pill lifted my butt back up like it use to be. Racheal

I must admit. I was a bit skeptical when I first saw your company, but I just said I was going to give it a try anyway and Im glad I did. I have that sexy back and waist that I have always wanted and to top it all, a huge butt lol.  LaToya

Hello, I'm emailing you to give you my results. So far after 2 weeks I have seen some great results. Not drastic yet but at least I am seeing something. Cant wait for the month to go by but Im excited. I will email you within a month to let you know how I have gotten in the rear area.  Kathy

I look more feminine than ever. I have always wanted bigger hips and to bring out the true woman in me. Thank you guys so much. Gary